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Buzz Feed and its editor Ben Smith are being sued by a Russian technology tycoon who was named in the so-called “dirty dossier” against President Donald Trump.

A defamation lawsuit seeking unspecified damages has been filed in Florida by lawyers acting for Aleksej Gubarev, the multimillionaire chief of Luxembourg-based company XBT.

Mr Gubarev’s lawsuit claims that while more than 30 publications tried to contact him after the dossier’s publication, he was not contacted by Buzz Feed for his right of reply prior to publication in a breach of conventional journalistic practice. This is why I’m ready to spend money and go to court about this,” Mr Gubarev told CNN Money in January before he filed the lawsuit. When it published the dossier, Buzz Feed highlighted that its contents were unverified and that it contained “errors”, although editor-in-chief Ben Smith wrote that its reporters had spent weeks investigating the report.

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While dating still incorporates a social stigma outside rarified, liberal circles, more in addition to more young Indians are opening up to the idea.

Amazon, for instance, censors most nudity on its Prime Video service in India in addition to bans sales of adult products through its marketplace; Google bans retailers by buying ads for erotica; in addition to Tinder’s very first Indian commercial suggested in which a stamp of parental approval was necessary for dating.

Facebook can be currently inside the process of evaluating how in which rolls out the dating feature in various markets based on different cultural norms around dating.

in which can be where we focus our efforts,” Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, recently told the Wall Street Journal.

Right-wing groups, often with political affiliations, have waged a war on dating in India for years.

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