Thai dating sexy

You don’t see many foreigners here, but instead some of the hottest Udon girls around.

Like all other night clubs in town they have to close at 2am so if you want to open a bottle of whiskey (like 100 Pipers for 690 Baht, Red Label for 1,700 Baht, Draught Leo Pitcher for 280 Baht) and get a decent table it’s worth coming as early as 11pm.

Even in high season you will find a fairly relaxed atmosphere while most foreigners are heading to the bars of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

The consequence is that sex in Udon Thani is among the best value in Thailand regarding bar fines and short time / long time rates.

The bars close at 1am and many of the girls who haven’t found company are heading to the night clubs after (see below).

It’s super easy to arrange dates with girls in Udon – just by walking around and talking to people or by using one of the online dating sites.Apart from hookers you also get a lot of attention from the “normal” Thai girls with regular jobs.Just by walking around Central Plaza you will soon notice the difference as compared to like Central World in Bangkok.You’ll see a good mix of local girls, local guys, tourists, expats as well as farang-oriented hookers who give you lots of looks. Prices are quite cheap for a night club with beers for 100 Baht, Cocktails for 150 Baht and whiskey bottles from 450 Baht for Blend & Sang Som.Another hugely popular club is Yellow Bird at the back of the Charoen Hotel.

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