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Over the course of her marriage, she experiences herself as gradually disappearing. She also feels guilty, because her husband is a good man. With time, granite that once held the characteristics of a unique natural form is visibly reduced to a smooth, monolithic surface. It’s difficult to see the process while it is going on, just as it is difficult to see the effects of water drops on granite minute by minute.In the place of her former self emerges a person she barely recognizes. This result can be seen in the following modified example from my psychotherapy practice: A woman in her mid-50s came in for her first appointment. But changes that are negligible day to day are incontrovertible over the long term.From her perspective, his thoughtful attention may have disappeared the very day of the wedding. The stability she admired slowly shows itself to be profound inflexibility.The reticence does not point to the underlying wisdom she assumed was present; she now sees that it comes from his not knowing what to do or say. I stopped talking about this a long time ago.” I have seen this many times.They try to alter their own perspective, their own aspirations, their hopes and dreams, to bring them into line so they are consistent with the way their husbands treat them.He moved up as a supervisor at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills continuing his work with neurological conditions. Vegher acquired advanced training in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and the Maitland method to orthopedic conditions. Vegher started his education toward achieving his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Pacific University in 2003.A year later he moved to Santa Cruz where he launched Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness center to establish a new set of standards in physical therapy care.

This is due to the fact that they are catching up on studies done years ago, pointing in the direction of plank exercises and Pilates instead.She admires his ability to maintain his focus so intently and to be so successful in his work.To a man on the spectrum, however, living with a person who has these qualities may be predictably uncomfortable. This article describes the path followed by many women whose husbands are not diagnosed and who did not have successful couples counseling support to help them understand their differences. There are women who work with me for several months and can still feel blindsided when something comes up at home that they misinterpret from a neurotypical (NT) perspective instead of considering the implications of ASD.I write here about heterosexual married couples because these are the couples I see most frequently in my practice, where most often it is the man who exhibits the characteristics of ASD. They continue to be surprised at the gap between themselves and their husbands.

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