Ubuntu time not updating religion and internet dating

Most servers are probably automatically configured to network time, but if you want to set it up for yourself, or want to change the servers that you are syncing to, here’s the quick article that shows you how to do it.Since I had to do this earlier today, I decided it would make a lot of sense to write it down for the next time that I need to do it. First, you’ll need to install NTP if it isn’t already installed.

Two such impertinent OS-es with different timezone settings will constantly struggle over a hardware clock.

Behind this simple description, there is a lot of complexity - there are tiers of NTP servers, with the tier one NTP servers connected to atomic clocks, and tier two and three servers spreading the load of actually handling requests across the Internet.

Also the client software is a lot more complex than you might think - it has to factor out communication delays, and adjust the time in a way that does not upset all the other processes that run on the server.

Edit /etc/default/rc S and replace the "yes" with "no". Windows assumes that the BIOS clock is set to local time. It was set to UTC=yes, so I changed it to UTC=no as you suggested.

Edit /etc/default/rc S and replace the "yes" with "no". But after reboot, it still shows the incorrect time.

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