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Granny is the titular antagonist in Granny and the only enemy in the entire game.

She keeps the Player locked inside of her house, and the player must avoid Granny in order to solve the puzzles required to escape the house.

Granny is represented by an ugly, scary, demented old woman who knocks out the player literally every time she catches him/her.

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Granny can go to most places in the house except the tunnels.

She also will not wander into the Backyard or lower two floors of the Secret Area on her own.

Although on Day 5, if the player gets caught, the player receives a Game Over screen (or Day 6 if the Painting is put together).

The player must remain cautious as Granny can hear anything and everything in her house, and will go towards any noise. The player can get out of sight from Granny by hiding in Cabinets, Beds, and other areas that prevent her from seeing them.

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