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And yes I would love to water your plants for you while you’re gone. But the weird thing is that somewhere in my mind, once I remembered its lonely basil self sitting outside our house with no one to take care of it, I honestly thought it might still survive. So I didn’t bother to call the neighbors for Basil Backup because I assumed that two weeks soaking up nature completely free from my black thumb might actually do that little guy some good.Our sweet little potted plant of basil eventually found its final resting place after a good four weeks of life. The basil plant’s final destination became evident when we went to the cabin for two weeks and I might have, ahem, forgotten about it and left it sitting out in the sunny yard. When we actually did come back, I couldn’t find the plant – it was sitting right in front of me in the yard but it was so pathetically dead that it was literally beyond recognition. Okay, enough about my lack of growing skills and onto the four easy steps it takes to assemble these Rainbow Veggie Bowl Babies: So there you have it!

In addition to guiding the wonder that is homemade jalapeño ranch straight into your arms today, I am also telling you how much you will enjoy pouring jalapeño ranch (❤) over a garden treasure trove of vegetables arranged in a little Rainbow Veggie Bowl. No messing around – we load up the bowl with tons of amazingly healthy-delicious-filling things, and we eat it like it’s a bowl. I hate to be one to throw in the towel before even starting slash make excuses forever, but you guys.

You can’t see it, but there’s a large side yard and a creek that runs along the back of the property.

With an asking price of 4,900, we think this was a good deal. And finally, even though we do have more strip malls per capita than any place should, we do have a tiny “downtown” area that dates back to the time our bedroom community was mostly farmland.

And the Joy of All Joys for these bowls is that you can use whatever grains, whatever beans, whatever veggies, whatever nuts and seeds, and whatever dressing you want. It’s Subway and Chipotle meets whatever you have in your fridge. If you like spicy, just toss the whole thing in there.

I used a freeze dried dill made by Litehouse that I found in the produce section, so the 1 teaspoon listed in the recipe is for that freeze dried variety specifically.

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