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In case of newly added parameters, default values for them supplied by the user are substituted in all method calls.In overrides, the original parameter passed to the method is passed to the base call.Obviously, such kind of greeting is useless in a real-world application and you would like to see the name of the currently logged user there instead (e.g. It appears that the main task is much easier than all preparations we made before.Re Sharper's set of refactorings surpasses that provided by Visual Studio, with regard to number, usability and scope of application.

The reverse functionality is available with Push Members Down.This refactoring converts a static method to an extension method.For the conversion to be carried out successfully, the static method must (1) have at least one argument and (2) reside in a static class.With this refactoring, you can create a base class for a class and move some members to it.Just place the caret at a class declaration, select members to extract, and run the refactoring.

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