Updating bios ga 945gcm s2c

(I keep having to remind myself that not everyone has a Rescue Disk like Bart CD , but that's what I would use). So there are 2 raised to the power 32 (2^32) possible addresses.

But, in addition to RAM a good number of these addresses are also used to address other memories like the BIOS, the video memory etc.

Another option would be to see if you can get a P43 or P45 series (chipset) motherboard at a decent price which will fully support the CPU.

Understand further that the system you will have in the end while faster than what you have now, will not be in the same league as a decent modern Intel system.

Your onboard video will reserve some of that memory you have on there for its use, and you will also have some of the memory being used for system maintenance and such. Maybe there is a shared memory used by graphics card?Link to PLo P Boot Manager: https://at/en/bootmanager/P/S: Free DOS is ok.I have a 945GCM S2L Motherboard which has 4GB memory (2x2GB) running windows vista x64.dziękuje Ci za cierpliwość do mnie ,mam jeszcze takie pytanie .Po pierwsze czy to jest bios do mojej płyty głównej ?

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