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R 311948Z JAN 18 MARADMIN 064/18 MSGID/MARADMIN/CMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MF// SUBJ/FAMILY CARE PLAN AUTOMATION VIA MARINE ONLINE (MOL)// REF/A/MSGID: DODI 1342.19/7MAY10// REF/B/MSGID: MCO 1740.13C/25MAR13// NARR/REF A IS DOD INSTRUCTION 1342.19, FAMILY CARE PLANS.// REF B IS MCO 1740.13C, FAMILY CARE PLANS.// POC/KIM DEAN/CIV/UNIT: MFZ/-/TEL: 703-784-9540// GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. The MOL FCP page is available for use by the total force and is available at usmc.mil/. The Marine Corps has utilized NAVMC 11800 to meet this requirement which has proven to be a cumbersome process resulting in inefficiencies with FCP updates and version control, large amounts of confidential paper-based files needing to be securely stored at each unit, and challenges accessing an individual FCP when required. All FCPs shall be submitted and stored in the MOL FCP page, and will be executed by the Marine when they and other primary caregiver(s) are unavailable due to deployment or incapacitation. Service Members bear sole responsibility to enter accurate short and long term caregiver information in the MOL FCP page. Marines required to maintain a validated FCP will receive an automated notification from MOL when an action is required in the FCP page. (2) Ensure Validators and Coordinators are granted proper MOL permissions that allow them to review compliance reports, as well as perform validations for Service Members in their Chain of Command. (2) Serve as the subject matter expert (SME) on all matters pertaining to FCPs and track compliance with all parts of REF B. (1) Complete all FCP Validators training within 45 days of assignment and prior to performing duties as FCP Validator. HQMC MRA is currently updating the FCP MCO (REF B) in conjunction with the release of MOL FCP page. Kim Dean, NF-5, Branch Head, Family Readiness, HQMC Marine and Family Programs Division, 703-784-0296, [email protected]

This MARADMIN announces the transition from NAVMC 11800 USMC Family Care Plan (FCP) to the automated FCP located on Marine Online (MOL). Transitioning the process to MOL eliminates the need for NAVMC 11800 as all FCPs will be stored exclusively in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) and inputted, updated, or viewed via MOL. Examples of events that will trigger such a notification include: (1) System-wide rollout of this initiative (2) PCS or PCA to a new unit (3) Transaction in MCTFS which indicates gain or loss of a dependent (4) Expiration of FCP every 12 months d. (3) May also serve as a FCP Validator at the commander’s discretion. (2) Utilize the Validator’s Report from MOL FCP page to forecast FCP requirements such as impending FCP expirations. MF, Family Readiness will update Marine Corps Family Team Building FCP training, which provides Maries and families information on development of a FCP, in conjunction with publication of new MCO on Family Care Plans. Staffing the update in accordance with Director Marine Corps Staff (Records, Reports, and Directives Management Branch (ARDB)) process, the update will reflect the above policy and will incorporate input from across the Marine Corps. This MARADMIN is cancelled when incorporated into MCO 1740.13D.

DEERS is Do D's authoritative family member database and the primary way to keep track of a Sailors' family structure and entitlements, Rowe said.

Though all Sailors need to keep their DEERS record updated, it is dual-military families who can create the most trouble for themselves by not doing so, said Rowe.

For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit mil/local/npc/.

In addition, each member must update DEERS, and, if they don't want FSGLI, must decline coverage in writing.

"The issue of accountability for our dual-military couples is that these couples upon marriage already have identification cards because both are active duty.

This means they don't necessarily go into a DEERS site at Personnel Support Detachment or Pass and ID to receive the benefits associated with a new card," said Kathy Wardlaw, DEERS policy analyst, Bureau of Naval Personnel. Most Sailors will update their Page 2 to add their military spouse, that's when the automatic enrollment in FSGLI starts.

FSGLI is a program extended to the spouses and children of servicemembers insured under the SGLI program.

FSGLI provides up to a maximum of 0,000 of insurance coverage for spouses, not to exceed the amount of SGLI the insured member has in force, and ,000 for dependent children.

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