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The smart host running on the firewall is able to establish direct network connections with hosts both on the private network and on the Internet.The smart host would accept mail from both hosts on the private network and the Internet, store them in local storage and then manage the retransmission of that mail to the correct host directly.Spam in this sense is sort of like the electronic equivalent of junk mail sent to “Occupant.”In the 1990s, with the rise in commercial awareness of the net, there are actually scumbags who offer spamming as a “service” to companies wishing to advertise on the net.They do this by mailing to collections of e-mail addresses, Usenet news, or mailing lists.The program consults this file when determining how to handle an incoming mail message.If it finds an entry in this file matching the target user in the mail message, it redirects the message to wherever the entry describes.# postmaster: root # required entry MAILER-DAEMON: postmaster # required entry # # # demonstrate the common types of aliases # usenet: janet # alias for a person admin: joe,janet # alias for several people newspak-users: :include:/usr/lib/lists/newspak # read recipients from file changefeed: |/usr/local/lib/gup # alias that invokes program complaints: /var/log/complaints # alias writes mail to file # Sometimes a host finds mail that it is unable to deliver directly to the desired remote host.It is often convenient to have a single host on a network take on the role of managing transmission of mail to remote hosts that are difficult to reach, rather than have each local host try to do this independently.

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The Real-time Blackhole List is a public facility provided to help reduce the volume of unsolicited advertising you have to contend with.Sending mail to and from hosts in the private network to the outside world using SMTP would not be possible in a conventional configuration because the hosts are not able to accept or establish direct network connections to hosts on the Internet.Instead, the organization could elect to have the firewall provide a mail smart host function.All other hosts need only a single tranport protocol to send their mail to this central host.Hosts that fill this central mail routing and forwarding role are called .

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