Updating nis maps linux

Leading and trailing whitespace in a parameter value is discarded.Internal whitespace within a parameter value is retained verbatim.Section and parameter names are not case sensitive.

This is a fast and simple way to give a large number of clients access to their home directories with a minimum of fuss.

A share consists of a directory to which access is being given plus a description of the access rights which are granted to the user of the service. Sections are either file share services (used by the client as an extension of their native file systems) or printable services (used by the client to access print services on the host running the server).

Sections may be designated is used to define access privileges in this case.

When the connection request is made, the existing sections are scanned. If no match is found, the requested section name is treated as a username and looked up in the local password file.

If the name exists and the correct password has been given, a share is created by cloning the [homes] section.

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