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Prior to PGP 2.7 (with the exception of Viacrypt 2.4), all versions of PGP were "freeware," meaning that the software was freely given away for all to use - there was just one official build of PGP 2.6.2, and it was "freeware." But PGP used patented algorithms (IDEA and RSA) that required royalty payments if used for commercial purposes; to help make PGP available for commercial purposes, a company (Viacrypt) was licensed to sell commercial builds of PGP (versions 2.7.x and 4.x - as well as the earlier 2.4).

Additionally, those third party builds were not from source code designed to work properly on current Windows software.

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REG file that removes Windows' mouse acceleration, or emulates Windows 2000 or Windows 98/95 acceleration. REG files for Windows 10 or 8.1 or 8 or 7 or Vista or XP.

If you were having error messages about "PGP memory page locking driver is not functioning correctly" after upgrading to Windows XP from Windows 9x, PGP needed to be reinstalled.

Windows XP users having error messages about PGPsdk Service could use the relevant part of PGP 7.0 Annoyances.

The Cheese registry fixes only provides files for some pre-defined monitor refresh rate values: 60Hz, 70Hz, but this script can create a fix for any refresh rate setting.

Fix Builder can create a fix with any 'Enhance pointer precision' option is ON (OR when an older game forces 'Enhance pointer precision' to ON), AND your game does not use Direct Input and does not use Raw Input for mouse input.

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