Updating xp sp1

Use a text editor and find a line in the INI like: [pre]field = "!MS-II CANbus ID", ms2can ID, ; change to to make editable[/pre] and change it to: [pre]field = "!This is normally The last value for the 'output channel get command' (och Get Command) is x06, which indicates the hexadecimal count for the txtbuf table used for serial communications.The tables in B&G's 2.905 code are: The text buffer for the outpc table is at table 0x06.The text buffer is isolated from the values as they change, so is less likely to produce errors on 'non-atomic' multi-byte word values.But the actual outpc for CANbus use is at table 7 (with B&G code, see below for msextra/MS3).MS-II CANbus ID", ms2can ID, ; change to to make editable[/pre] These will set the appropriate displays (the load axis index and bins) for the tables in Tuner Studio.

Grabbing only the required variables (10 bytes) is faster and more efficient.Grabbing the entire outpc (112 bytes) is necessary if the MS-II/Micro Squirt code doesn't have a compatible outmsg format.MS-II™ 2.90X code and 2.003 MShift™ code have compatible outmsg's as defaults.The following is a list of of all the tuning parameters in the MShift™ V4.1xx software, and each has a description of how that parameter is used.Pressing F1 at any menu in the tuning software while connected to the internet will take you directly to the corresponding spot in this file.

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