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Thanks to all of you who generously donate your time and talent by sharing your expertise at the gatherings by hosting a workshop. takes you inside the fascinating world of naturism with incisive commentary and analysis, solid reporting, and naturist-friendly but always tasteful photography.Travel stories, club and resort updates, naturist politics and culture, magazine click HERE.Let the beach read season begin…pick up your copy today.Shop the Skinny-Dipper Shop 24 hours a day in your slippers or nothing at all.I’m behind with the Eastern and Western Gathering planning, but that’s okay because many of you haven’t registered yet either. For the Eastern Naturist Gathering I will have to give a food count to the chef pretty soon to aid him in menu planning for our group.I’m sure the chef at Lupin would like to know how many they will be feeding too, so get those registrations in Now!!Not only do you avoid the long lines and crabby sales people, but every purchase you make helps to keep public land open for nude use! ONLINE, or call 920-426-5009 and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives today. Download our Membership Application/Brochure and mail to: TNS, 627 Bay Shore Dr Ste 100, Oshkosh, WI 54901 E-MAIL or CALL 920-426-5009 and request an informational kit today.Skinny-Dip in your FREE Naturist Publication Today!

Or become a member of TNS and receive the Lee Baxandall Memorial Issue free! Did you know that when you become a member of The Naturist Society, shop the Skinny-Dipper, volunteer your time, or donate money to naturist causes you become a part of an inclusive and caring community that has been promoting and protecting naturism for more than 30 years?

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The Naturist Society Foundation Board’s Treasurer Mike Abrasion starts us out with a powerful piece on the importance of community, followed by an equally important piece on volunteerism by South Florida Free Beache's president, Richard Mason.

From there we walk back in time with Mark Storey and nudist magazines of the 1950s while D.

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