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When the "Process First” Batch Class is used, the Validation Panel allows the user to validate documents only for CARES Case Numbers.The scanner may continue to put documents from different cases in the same batch using the Process First batches and you must know the case number for each document.Processing a batch directly from the batch manager allows you to validate one single batch at a time.Processing a batch from the validation module will allow you to sequentially validate multiple batches that are ready in the validation queue.To open the validation module, go to Start Validation.When the validation module is started, the Open Batch window will be opened by default.The system will start with the cursor in the Case Number field.

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: Any DTS number which is auto recognized by the OCR software in Validation and is 9 digits gets automatically prepended with zeroes since the DTS field needs to have 10 digits.

When a customer faxes a document with a DTS, a fax batch is created with a behind the scenes "Fax Batch Class" in Kofax.

Users will never see the fax batch class in the Scan Module of Kofax.

When a batch is opened, the first document in the batch is displayed on the right side of the screen.

The left side of the screen contains entry fields for index information.

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