Validating textboxes in asp net

In this case for which text box I should add the required field validator control? You just need to look around for the possible logics.

Javascript is always easy with any type of server side scripting.

However, I enter an empty string and no validation occurs. Compare Validator I'm using a Compare Validator in order to validate a user entering a password, and confirming that password.

As of now, I get an error message (by the confirm pass text box) as soon as the user clicks out of the first text box (the one that's by password).

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What would be the best way to enable this validation only on some of these fields, while using default values for the others? Validators not Validating Would anyone know why the validations on the page below wouldn't work.

Multiple validation controls for a text box I have a Text Box with two validation controls connected to it: Validating multiple groups of text boxes Hi, I want to validate few pages.

I have put few validators (Required Field Validator, Regular Expression Validator, etc...) to the text boxes.

If we are writing a different password into the password textboxes, then the error message appears on the web form.

Step 11 Now, we need to check the validation of the dropdown list.

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