Vampire diaries couple dating

-inspired Civil War hallucinations), and a lot has happened in that time in regards to who is dating, who’s hooking up, and who’s about to break up.

So let’s run down all the fan-favorite relationships for some scoop on what’s coming up for them.

“We are going to continue to have fun with their ‘bicker-son’ relationship,” Dries says. “You won’t see him in this next episode and we’ll be wondering what the heck Matt’s people did to him.

“It’s the most organic and natural thing because they truly can’t stand each other at this point. We need to see them in more scenes together for sure before we start building any romance.” And Enzo’s going to have a lot on his plate without adding any romance drama as well. Who the heck were those people, where did they take him, what’s going on?

She also continues to grow her new friendship with Nora, surprisingly. We start to get little peeks at this force that’s been after Stefan all of this time, and we’ll slowly but surely start to piece together this mythology that we’ve been building with that sword and the stone, and why that’s the spine of the season.” At least we get to see Matt and Tyler spend some quality bro-time together as Michael Trevino returns for tonight’s episode. Caroline invited Tyler to her baby shower, of course!

“Caroline’s getting more and more pregnant so those babies have to come out at some point,” Dries says. One of my favorite scenes is coming up in [this] episode, directed by Paul Wesley.

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That’s obviously going to give us more stories but it’s also going to enlighten us into Enzo’s back story a little bit, finally, besides how he turned into a vampire. That will help bring him closer to Bonnie.” Damon and Bonnie These BFFs don’t share much screen time during this episode.Are we about to witness how they ended up together in the flash-forwards? couple Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin have reportedly called it quits after 4 years of dating.Will they be making out a ton or is there heartbreak in their future?Damon and Stefan Tonight’s episode, “Things We Lost In the Fire,” focuses more on the brothers’ relationship than ever before.

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