Venusian arts online dating

(Thank you, Letter Writer #963, that is such an excellent concept).

Dear Rockin’ World, It sounds like your weight gain in recent years has become a “load-bearing repository” for the massive social anxiety you’ve been dealing with.Like maybe it’s not out of the realm of possibility anymore, at least not when I think about it in an abstract way.But when it comes to a practical way – joining a dating site, talking to guys at social events, whatever – I can’t seem to break that bubble of “Why even bother? ” Even just writing this part of the letter made me feel embarrassed and silly.What should have been a “haha isn’t this awkward” moment sent me into a complete meltdown.I was *mortified* that this co-worker might think that…I don’t know, that I thought someone would be attracted to me? This feeling that, no matter how funny or kind or interesting I am inside, it doesn’t even matter because my outside is so unappealing.

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