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The differences can be obvious or more subtle and reflect the used sculpt, plastic, paint or accessories (capes, weapons, etc.).

Some examples just to give you an idea how Ledy figures can differ compared to Kenner: where the figure was produced, for instance;- "China"- "Hong Kong"- "Japan"- "Macau"- "Made n China"- "Made in Hong Kong"- "Made in Macao" - "Made in Taiwan"- "Taiwan"- or no country mentioned ("no COO").

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Have you ever purchased a figure assuming it was Lili Ledy because of the matching Country of Origin (COO), but in the end it appeared to be Kenner?

These small COO differences occur for instance for:-Bib Fortuna-Boba Fett (scar and split scar)-C-3PO (two line COO with and w/o dent)-Cloud Car Pilot -Luke Jedi-Nikto-Teebo-TIE Fighther Pilot (different scars from the same 'mother' COO) I have no proof of the following but to me it makes totally sense: The steel-molds were the original ones, the ones the first shots were made from.

These were duplicated in steel, aluminium or brass.

Regarding the LXW again there can be two slightly different HK coos found.

Lili Ledy was a toy company in Mexico that acquired a license to produce the 3 3/4"line of Star Wars toys in 1982.NO unique gun mould - Yoda: This figure is the exception that proves the rule, as the moulds used for the snake, cane, and belt were also used by Kenner.REMARK: The mould of some of these accessories were also used to produce weapons for other figures:- Chief Chirpa's staff was used for The Emperor and Wicket (both cast in differently coloured plastic)- Darth Vader's saber was used for Ben Kenobi (cast in blue plastic)- Lando Skiff's vibroblade was used for Klaatu, Klaatu Skiff, and Weequay- Nien Nunb's gun was used for Jawa, and TIE Fighter Pilot: For most Ledy figures (and their Kenner counterparts as well) there exist COOs with only minimal differences.Aluminium and brass are more easy to work with because they are much „softer“ then steel.Especially for the limbs (very soft plastic, less wear) no steel molds were necessary.

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