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Hans Gruber would prove to be one of the most beloved movie villains of all time.His sleek hair, his overly groomed mustache and goatee, his five thousand dollar suit, and his small notebook are just a few of the token images we remember from this mastermind, which is the category of villains that he falls under according to Screen Craft’s 15 Types of Villains Screenwriters Need to Know.He's clearly no cookie cutter, crazy killer and he's clearly no mustache pulling one-dimensional mastermind. These questions and more keep the audience invested and engaged and only in the end of certain moments do we know how truly ruthless he can and will be.While an intelligent mastermind like Lex Luthor could truly wreak havoc on the city of Metropolis with ease, he sure doesn't know how to surround himself with winners.This tightens his grip on the hostages -- and the audience at hand -- as the fact that he is all knowing is proven time and time again.The one X factor working against him is John Mc Clane. Yet even then, just as Mc Clane seems to have gotten the upper hand, Gruber learns something that will surely, in his eyes at least, take him to the end. He would be able to work a room of politicians, businessmen, art collectors, etc.

Gruber is truly all-knowing as the story opens up, which makes him an undeniable threat. He knows everything about the company and its leadership.

The 26 year old actor is now working in movies like Horns, Trainwreck and Swiss Army Man and has been involved with the production of the role of Now You See Me 2.

He has been known to have dated Laura O’Toole previously and was involved in a relationship with Alana Dawes n 2008.

He wears five thousand dollar suits while on a heist, as opposed to tactical gear. And he even manages to recite literature, history, and philosophy with ease, meaning that he's well educated.

Through the perspective of the hostages, he comes off less intimidating, which at first makes them more at ease and compliant. Yet they both suffered the same fate, drawn in by Hans’ charm. This is ever-evident when Karl goes ballistic after he learns of his brother's fate.

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