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Monica and her friends commented what was on the screen with no confusion but for Vicky it was a new and mysterious world. He climbed on her and his strong hands were caressing her great bosom and very moist crotch. He was moving and she was in the seventh heaven from pleasure. He slid out of her and Vicky heard something wet and light plopped down on the floor.

Since that very first time each viewing was like a revelation for her. They used to drop in to various boutiques and even sex-shops. To increase it she moved towards him instinctively. She gradually came around and understood that the lights were off and the room was illuminated by a street lamp and windows of the dormitory.

Her right hand was jerking the first phallus in her life…

When a new spasm of climax went through her Simon twitched and a huge spurt of his warm sperm gushed into her throat, then lips and face. She put her head on her first man’s chest and fell asleep happily.

While I knew he was on his way, I went to shave my pussy. It was hard to shave without occasionally sticking my fingers in my still wet pussy, but the next time I would come, I wanted it to be with him. ” “Keep sucking my cock, that’s good, suck that head. ” I kept telling him I was his horny cock craved bitch.

Being a recently divorced 34 year old woman, I was looking for some fun with no special conditions or commitments. As I was shopping at our local groceries store, I had the pleasure of being waited on by the most beautiful and so handsome man, Ronald, I had ever seen.I laid back on my bed, fucked my wet pussy with my favorite vibrator, thinking of him, and hoped that he would call. Ronald called later that afternoon, as he was getting off of work. He asked if I needed any help with my recent purchases, and I told him that I could do it myself. That huge cock ripped my poor tight pussy apart, sending out waves of ecstasy and pain. He really fucked me hard from behind, and I was rocking on his hips trying to get all of the cock in me. I could not hold it any longer, and screamed out with my massive and furious orgasm! But then I said that his help would certainly make it better. He gave my ass a couple of smacks and asked: “Now tell me slut, whose horny cock loving bitch are you? It was so strong I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking. Of course Vicky had never been to a sex-shop before. Besides nice and expensive underwear Vicky saw many new things that she had never seen anywhere. Guys, this is my roommate, Victoria, she is rather shy, but it’s OK. He became even more affectionate and was giving her more and more pleasure… She realized Simon was lying not on her now but next to her and was stroking her smooth body. She was moving her squeezed fist over the guy’s shaft up and down, then she bent to it and touched it with the tip of her tongue…Visits to this shop aroused great interest in sex which had always been a taboo in Vicky’s family. Then she saw that the sheet fell down from Monica’s bed and a naked man was lying on it. Turning her head to Simon Victoria saw his limp cock covered with white semen hanging between his thighs.

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