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Alanis I'm so happy to live in a town lying just near the mountains and by the sea.

The perfect location, especially during the summer when guys from all around Europe come over to spend their summer holidays.

We are very Mediterranean chicks: loud, jealous but, at the same time, so hot and sexy, ready for new experiences, with an insatiable appetite for pleasure.

We're just like Italian food: spicy and always surprising.

By now, most of them can tell you that I'm a real red hair chick. In fact, people are really open-minded and nobody will judge you at first sight.

Thanks to the weather, hot and sunny, girls always wear very short clothes...sounds like paradise to you boy ?

I really don't mind being naked in front of a camera, it has made me a less shy person and now I have the confidence to do whatever I want!

At first my parents weren't sure but when I started to make good money they didn't seem to mind. I do fashion shows, catalogue magazines and of course, some sexier stuff!

Can easily understand that 'cause, even if I perfer strong dudes, I really enjoy sharing my bed with a young, hot and cute chick...

Alyssa I was born 23 years ago in Pisa one of the most beautiful town in Europe.

Of course most of the guys over here are bankers, traders but at night those buddies become some of the most exciting people I've met. Adriana Listen carefully guys from behind the screen. No more than a bunch of bipeds trying to be different from each other, to lead the best life we can get. Our existence is so short that we shouldn't care about details. Adriana MThe other day I was with a bunch of sexy guys trying to seduce me.

They love to party and to spend their nights and their money with good looking and open-minded chicks like me. I have to say that they were all very appealing to me.

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