What the bible says about dating other races

Sexual sin during the dating phase will certainly affect the marriage season.Without a season for the new believer to grow in their personal relationship with God before entering into a romantic relationship, there will be many growing pains the more mature Christian will have to endure because of the lack of Christian maturity their partner possesses.While that may be true, this fact is true as well: Whenever we disobey God’s word, there is always a natural consequence.While God forgives us of our sins and turns our evil mistakes into good through the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are still natural consequences that remain.

It always presents a poor witness when a Christian is willing to go directly against God’s written word for the sake of someone else.As a single Christian, one of the questions which can dominate the thoughts is, “Who will I marry?” With so little Christians in the world, and even fewer who share the same interests as you, the odds are certainly stacked against a Christian guy or Christian girl seeking “the one.” The temptation is understandable, therefore, to look outside of the faith at unbelievers, looking for anyone with common interests who is relatable to you, regardless if they are a Christian or not.Among the many nations there was no king like him, and he was beloved by his God, and God made him king over all Israel.If you were thinking about dating a non-Christian don’t.

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