Who is diamond lil scrappy was dating

She adds that she and her parents are in a much better space now and she has great relations with both of them. YOu can get yours too, call these people at 877-873-0853 - they did an amazing job for me and fo a price that can't be beat nowhere, cheap as fuck. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean!

With her own childhood being so rough, she makes it a point that Emani doesn't have those same issues. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Hit em up - they will help!!

During the season opener, Diamond, a former member of Atlanta rap group Crime Mob, made note of the issues she had in the past with Scrappy and his mother. Specifically, Diamond says Scrappy's mother, who goes by Momma Dee, stole her clothes and jewelry. Carpentero aka Diamond continues to slander my client and her son in the press. Carpentero ended years ago yet she continues to talk about Momma Dee in a negative light, most recently making false claims that my client stole property.Though many people don't know who she is now, Erica promises to break-out from Scrappy's shadow and show the world We just had to know how the two co-parent and if there is/was any tension between her and Scrappy's ex, ATL rapper Diamond (who was also rumored to originally be cast for the show).Atlanta native Erica spoke exclusively with The about her role on "L&H: Atlanta" and why she decided to do the show. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. with other single black, white girls and men in your city..Atlanta, Georgia Rap couple Lil Scrappy and Diamond are both in financial troubles, according to The After a recent videotaped car possession for Diamond, documents have now been released that reveal Georgia homes owned by each are currently on the market after foreclosure.

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