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The source continued: "Ed immediately ended their relationship on the phone, and Jessica, who adamantly denied anything happened with Marco, was so distraught over this that she flew to London last Friday with just the clothes on her back." "She's been begging Ed to take her back, but he is deeply hurt by the whole ordeal.

He can't believe that she carried on this way with one of his friends." The Gossip Girl cast members have been a couple since 2008 after they fell in love while dating other people.

debuted, introducing us both to the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite, and to the sometimes equally-scandalous cast of actors who played our favorite Upper East Siders.

Jessica is a foodie and is difficult for her to resist food like pizza, French fries, and sauces.

But, she tries to eat healthy during the weekdays and indulges in her favorite cookies and French fries on the weekends.

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