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For many reasons announcements are not broadcast to guests telling them when there is an issue onboard.

I can tell you that throughout my last contract, there was at least one incident every week, usually medical, less often fire.

I am thankful to the cruise industry for providing many wonderful memories and the opportunity to travel.

Pro-cruise trade organizations line the Cruise Line International Association ("CLIA") will claim that incidents like this are "rare" and will characterize the Costa ran aground into a reef in the Bahamas while sailing to Port Lucaya near Freeport, Bahamas.Photographs of the Costa show the vessel listing heavily on its port side, in order to keep water pouring into the large opening on the starboard side.You can read about that incident here - Costa Europa Collides With Pier in Egypt - Three Crew Dead, Passengers Injured In October 2010, the Costa cruise ship collided with a cargo vessel, the Belgian registered bulk carrier Lowlands Longevity, at the mouth of the Yangtze River.That's what they trained us for (although many don't take it seriously -crew and guests-) I think the incompetence came from the officers on the bridge (Captain, 1st and 2nd officers, etc).There doesn't seem to have been any structured line of command during evacuation.

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