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He feels really creepy about the whole situation because the girl is barely legal (she’s eighteen but he feel so much older) and she screamed at him at such a high frequency. The second time Daisuke upsets Mao is when he’s finally become fed up with her boyfriend.

The first time Daisuke upsets Mao is when he accidentally walks in on her changing. 2 – Do you feel like a man when you push her around?

He sees nothing wrong with this approach so it goes on for a few weeks.

He doesn’t know how long it takes for a girl to get over something like that, so he continues keeping his distance until one day after practice, Akiko walks over and smacks him.

I’m just bitter and old and I just happen to have a talent for upsetting you no matter what I do.” “You’re being an idiot.” Mao snaps.

Yuzuru and Kanako look mildly scandalized while Akiko smiles at him knowingly.

Mirai Aileen Nagasu popular as Nagasu Mirai was born on April 16, 1993. Her parents own Restaurant Kiyosuzu, a Japanese sushi restaurant in Arcadia.

Nagasu was born in Montebello, Los Angeles County, California and raised in Arcadia, California.

He’s heard some news about the others, like how Mao was seriously considering quitting, but he isn’t sure if he should believe that. He hears the juniors keep getting better and better. His head shouldn’t be filled with Mao when he has a girlfriend. “If I find out you put your hands on Mao one more time I am going to skate over your throat, am I understood? He unfortunately can’t control the fact that Takahiko is so boyishly charming and closer to Mao in age. He’s fully prepared to just avoid the two of them until he retires or breaks himself jumping, whichever comes first, but Mao has different plans. ” “Tell me why we suddenly aren’t friends anymore.” “What’s sudden about it? Daisuke hauls him up by the collar and shakes him roughly. “He told me you pushed him and threatened him.” Mao says without preamble. “He’s not allowed to hit you, Mao.” “I can take care of myself.” “You shouldn’t let him hit you! And of course, his own temper flared up at her when Mao had been genuinely concerned about him. I didn’t realize it had been hard for you; Akiko told me later. He’s waiting for Mao outside the rink, as he normally does, and his eyebrows raise at Daisuke’s approach. Daisuke opens his mouth to protest but Akiko shakes her head and mouths, “later.” “You did the right thing yesterday.” Akiko tells him later. Daisuke will feel idiotic for not knowing and unsure of how to approach Mao after that. “The worst thing a man can do is date a woman he doesn’t love,” Miki tells him. That’s not who you are.” “You don’t understand,” Daisuke attempts. Daisuke has seen articles quoting the two praising one another. Japan expects him to do well now but he’s feeling more and more unsure of himself with each passing day. Daisuke doesn’t know Yuna Kim well, but he knows she can skate and she and Mao have shared the podium before. Later Akiko will tell him that Mao’s mother has fallen ill. “She’s very happy around Taka,” Akiko adds and Daisuke hides his burning face. Noticing his stormy expression, Mao asks, “Are you alright? Then he adds, “Go away.” Mao skitters away instantly and Daisuke immediately feels like an asshole. They train together frequently and Takahiko and Mao often pair up in ice shows. He’d made the Olympic team by the skin of his teeth. The whispers that he doesn’t belong on the team, doesn’t deserve to be there, sting. The internet titters with snide comments that someone else should’ve made the team.

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