Who is sandra dee dating

Dee made an independent film magazine, Dee said she was sexually abused as a child by her stepfather and pushed into stardom by her mother.Dee, who turned to pills and alcohol, said she hit bottom after her mother died in 1988.If you think that the only thing Bobby Darin contributed to the world was "Mack the Knife", think again.

That's because Bobby Darin, as his diehard fans already know, possessed talent that was way more multi-faceted than just being a crooner.Actor Kevin Spacey, who played Darin the film, has said Dee, who was living as a virtual recluse in Los Angeles, approved of the film. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Bobby Darin's death--and considering that he's my favorite entertainer of all time, I couldn't let another day slip by without spreading some love for my Bobby D.The disease affected his joints so badly he was in constant pain during that time, and attacked his heart valves, plaguing him with health problems for the rest of his life; later in his career, he would have to fortify himself with oxygen backstage in between songs during performances.Rheumatic fever led to the first defining moment in Darin's young life when he overheard the doctor treating him tell his family that, even with the best of care, "the boy will not live to see his 16th birthday." Bobby decided that he was going to prove the doctor wrong, that he would become a showbiz legend by the time he was 25, and that he was going to shoehorn as much into life as he could.

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