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Actor Vince Colosimo has been fined 00 and had his licence cancelled for 5 months after pleading guilty to two charges in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today.

Colosimo, 50, tested positive to ice when he was pulled over in Exhibition Street on March 5.

“I have two beautiful children, whom I love more than anything in the world, and I want to be a good role model for them.” Adding: “They, and acting, are my two biggest loves.” Vince, who is best known for playing Alphonse Gangitano in Underbelly 2008, says he wants to settle the matter “as soon as possible” for the sake of his two children.

Magistrate David Starvaggi said driving under the influence of drugs was a basic issue that “even a kindergarten kid could understand”.“You’re building a nice little history for yourself here,” he said.“You’re risking a jail term …

This storyline is terrible, the script is terrible, the acting is terrible.

The whole show seems slapped together, looks low budget and this bloke does not have Read's mannerisms down at all.

Till date, he has released numerous solo albums and multiple recorded singles and most of these were placed on the top of Billboard charts.

However, in 1990 he tried his luck in acting too which was a successful attempt.

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