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Their chemistry was undeniable on stage, and a month after closing night, Natasha ended her marriage."It was not an easy time when I met Liam," she later told the Daily News."Working with him, what happened between us, and that becoming public knowledge in conjunction with my marriage falling apart, was kind of bad timing. Obviously I fell very much in love with him." She also wasn't phased by his playboy reputation, adding, "I'm pleased that women fall in love with him, because I know why." But despite their obvious affection for each other, they remained in limbo until the actress decided to take matters into her own hands.

Watch Liam Neeson's Interview On '60 Seconds':"But obviously she was on life support and stuff.

The couple welcomed two children, Micheál, 22, and Daniel, 21, during their 15-year marriage.

In the interview, Neeson guides Anderson around his upstate New York home and talks about the intense grief he has suffered in the aftermath of his loss.

Richardson died after what was first thought to be only a minor fall, but she was eventually taken to hospital were her health deteriorated and she passed away at just 45 years of age.

Neeson then spoke about the heart-breaking moment that his wife’s life support machine was turned off, and how he had to honour the “pact” he made with her before her accident that neither would allow the other to continue in a vegetative state.

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