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Much like the guys with something to prove, this isn’t about connecting with a person, so much as finding some combination that’s equal parts blow-jobs and life-coach.The thing is: your partners aren’t there to fix you or fill a hole in your life.People with this attitude towards women and relationships betray a sense of misogyny.They may not realize it – in fact, White Knights and Nice Guys explicitly themselves on loving and respecting women – but it treats love as a transaction.You may still be working on being able to enforce your boundaries.You may be trying to unlearn the lessons from an emotionally abusive relationship.Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you can’t date if you’re not solidly middle class; you can date quite successfully on the cheap.

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You might be trying to hold down a job, even get a degree. It might be that you have family issues – having to care for a relative, or an incredibly stressful intra-family conflict.

but it it be over things by now, that hurting this much for this long is just kind of ridiculous.

And as a result: we go diving in head first before we’ve actually healed up and end up reopening the wounds…

At best, the idea that you “earn” a relationship means that you see women as gold-diggers or prostitutes.

At worst, they’re the prize at the bottom of the cereal box, just waiting for someone to dig them out of the piles of Captain Crunch.

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    However, the chance to so clearly display and express your personality is an invaluable asset in the world of online dating, where compatibility is all-important.