Wife dating other men dating a clueless man

And so far her unconventional commitment-capturing methods, dubbed “rotational dating”, have resulted in 96 engagements, numerous pregnancies and many more happy-ever-afters.

German-based Sami’s tactics came from her own experience as she tried to find a soulmate.

“It’s OK if a woman wants to have the masculine energy, but I believe in a couple women should apply their feminine energy. Men enjoy being masculine.” Sami also says coupled-up women should avoid what she labels the “seven Cs”.

“The method is for women who know they want to settle down and be a wife. It’s about owning your worth in front of men and not wasting time accepting less than you want.We kissed goodbye and I did not hear from him for two days. On our next date he told me I had really ‘made him think’ about what he wanted out of this, and he would love to see where the relationship could go.” It worked, and nine months later the couple married.It is now five years since their wedding and they have a two-year-old son, Aaron.They met while both studying at the University of Berlin.Sensing the 31-year-old was The One, she tested out her new multiple dating — or “rotational” — tactics.

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