Wife dating salesmen

It’s one of the most primal attractions there is between a man and woman.

We salesmen have an overflowing amount of confidence. After bonuses, big commission checks and all that fun stuff we went through hell to get, we like to reward ourselves.

They close the bouncer on letting them skip the line. We treat the valets with respect and also those who serve us. I also know salesmen in damn near every industry that I trade referrals with. We Are Very Spontaneous: The guy with the 9-5 salaried job can’t drop what he’s doing and spontaneously fly you to Vegas to have a blast. We Are Full of Energy: There’s no such thing as a successful and boring salesman.

He’s got too much to lose, a budget and all those issues. Most of us workout, have great body language and can pick up on others really quick. We have to have energy in order to keep the attention of the prospect. We pay attention when you talk, we engage you and all those things your normal dudes don’t do.

Not us, we make our own money and rules so if we hit a lick, we celebrate. We Are Hilarious: Half of our job is to make people laugh and smile when they are buying from us.

If you’ve ever dated someone in sales, you may recognize some of these habits—which will either make you a convert or prompt you to say “no thanks” to the relationship. Benjamin is a senior account manager for Monster Worldwide, where she works with Monster’s customers to increase their success in hiring top talent.

Ladies: if you don’t at least date one salesman in your life you could end up settling down with some lame duck and you would not even know he’s lame. Here are 11 reasons why you should at least date one Closer before you settle down.

We Have Extreme Confidence: It’s no secret that ladies love a man with confidence.

A great salesperson approaches sales like a single person looking for "the one."People who are looking for real love connections tend to use e Harmony rather than other dating sites.

e Harmony was started by a clinical psychologist, Dr.

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