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Whether it's a couple hours away from where you live or it's a plane ride to Europe, pick a destination and break new ground together.

Take time to write a handwritten letter, stick that sucker in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox.

Still, some things are better done in twos, especially when it comes to tackling the 43 illicit/romantic (but mainly illicit) items on our sex and dating bucket list.

And since in New York, you essentially hide in plain sight, the journey to check these off is pretty damn hot.

Or, if you want to stare longingly into each others eyes, try asking some of the 36 questions proven to make two people fall in love. Or maybe you met at the Lord of the Rings booth at Comic Con.

Set out on the tour and find the best one in your city.

Pick the food you both love, then map out all of the restaurants where you can get that food.

You'll be all excited in a few days when you remember that you're getting snail mail that's not a bill.

You can choose an accent an hour, or stay with the same accent for the entire day, or each choose different accents and switch in the afternoon.

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