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The actor did just fine introducing her, until he stumbled on her actual name. It sounded like "Adela Dazeem" to one person's ears, and that wit immediately set up a fake Twitter account for the name.Who was Ryder Buck, and why was he called the "guardian angel" of "Frozen"?He was no actor, but a real employee of the restaurant.The shop is known for its Giant Sicilian, which is cut into 200 square slices and serves 50-70 people, although the pizzas delivered onstage were of normal size.

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There are 16 men and 16 women who are seated at tables of 8 with a series of rotations.

"I think that's his win for sure," his sister said, according to E! I'm glad I could have facilitated that." In case you were wondering, the star-studded selfie is now the most re-tweeted photo of all time, surpassing the "Four more years" photo Barack Obama sent out after winning re-election.

And while De Generes took the image with what appears to be a Samsung phone (Samsung was a sponsor of the show), sharp-eyed cell-phone watchers noted the host switched to an i Phone for backstage tweeting. Midway through the show, a pizza deliveryman walked out on stage and presented De Generes with boxes of pizza from Big Mama & Papa’s Pizzeria, a small chain in the Los Angeles area that’s a favorite of De Generes’ talk show.

The concept is simple, and you can create this event on your own if you like.

I've got a signature dating event that I often include in my VIP Matchmaking Client's search program. It's always a hit, and it's always fruitful — meaning it's always resulted in at least one love connection.

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