Xp wireless connection validating identity dating in high school is pointless

Also, I need to leave for a about an hour I'll respond to your next post when I return. Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed Connectiong to the wireless network.Then, 2 more boxes popped up: The remote computer did not respond Now its trying again Network Technician: Right click on the wireless icon, select view available wireless networks If you see a connect button, that means you're not connected at all This is what I would do first I know other computers connect ok and all, but sometimes this does help.It does a 4 packet handshake to connect/authenticate and then that's it. Now you can break WPA/WPA2 as well if you capture the handshake packets.But unlike WEP which is just a matter of having like 100,000 packets and the pass phrase can be reconstructed, WPA/WPA2 cracking is more of a dictionary brute force thing.The little icon on the bottom right has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark!

The MAC address of that PC is used by Comcast to get your connection. On the back of the router, there is a reset button.When you install a NETGEAR product, you can choose to use the NETGEAR Smart Wizard or Windows XP to manage your wireless connections.Choosing the NETGEAR Smart Wizard turns off Windows XP wireless network management.To join a hidden network you must know that it is available, and you must know the network name (SSID) of the hidden network.The NETGEAR Smart Wizard displays hidden networks on the list of available networks, but the network name (SSID) is blank.

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